05 diciembre 2009

SMSReader: listen your SMS as soon as they arrive

Noticia en español aquí.

With SMSReader, you will be able to listen the SMS text messages as soon as you get them. It's a really useful application when driving, because most hands-free won't be able to read SMS. The user interface is simple and intuitive. By now you can set these options:
- SMS Reader: if you check on this option you will active/desactive the application.
- Bluetooth: by selecting this option, SMSReader will only read the SMS text messages when bluetooth is on, and from now on, with version SMSReader 2.0 or higher, you will be able to select the BT device that must be connected in order to read the SMS.
- Abbreviations: you can manage your own abbreviations (add / delete / reload...).
- Volume: you can set the multimedia volume used to play the SMS text message.

The main characteristics are:
- The application reads by voice all SMS text messages in the moment you get them.
- It reads the contact name from your address phone book instead of the phone number.
- Abbreviations management (you can add / edit / delete your own abbreviations).
- SMSReader will not waste phone battery. SMSReader will be only active when the SMS arrives.
- Language settings are automatically detected from phone location and language configuration.
- Available in english and spanish.
- Home widget: on/off.
- Version compatible with Android 2.2 and higher.

¿What are we working on for next releases?
- Hands-free use when available. SMSReader will speak trought the hands-free car kit instead of the speaker.
- Voice control :)

The application is available on Android Market for 0.99 €. We hope you enjoy it.

Version 2.0: new features are:
- Android 2.2 or higher is required.
- You can choose the BT device that must be connected in order to speak SMS messages.

Version 1.2: new features are:
- Avoid reading SMS in silence with vibration mode.

Version 1.1: new features are:
- You can add/edit/delete your own abbreviations.
- The widget detects now changes from preference screen.
- Abbreviations are in database instead of raw file (application runs faster).

Version 1.0.3: new features are:
- SMSReader will not speak any message when there is an active call or playing music.

Version 1.0.2: new features are:
- New home screen widget: one click on/off!
- Test button in order to check the TTS system and how the app reads your messages.

Version 1.0.1: new features are:
- Includes a lot of new english abbreviations
- Checks ringmode (silence and silence with vibration) avoiding reading messages in these states.

Feel free to send us any comments and suggestions.

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