03 agosto 2010

Weather Forecast, new application made by Android in Spain

NEW! Version 2.3.5:
- Fixed important bug with widget 4x1 not refreshing.

Why do our app need those permissions?
- Network communication: data need to be downloaded.
- Your location: in case you use geolocation.
- Phone calls: we need to read phone state so we can automatically update widgets after booting when detecting an Internet connection.
- System tools: change Wi-Fi state in case you use the switch available on widget 4x1.

After several weeks of development, we bring you today a new application created by us. After SMSReader and Donut Clock, we present Weather Forecast.

Though the name explains what this application is about, we are going to explain you why this one is special.

With Weather Forecast you can obtain the current situation (temperature, humidity and wind conditions) and forecast for the next three days (with their maximum and minimum temperatures) simultaneously up to three different locations. Highlights:

- Simple and intuitive interface.
- It provides a direct access to AEMET's website in order to display useful information such as map-ray or infrared satellite image without leaving our application (only useful data for Spain).
- Supports Celsius and Fahrenheit.
- Available in English and Spanish.
- Version compatible with Android 1.6 and higher.
- It's free!

You can download it now from Android Market or you can use this QR Code:

Available in Android Market

As always, we are looking for your suggestions and ideas so we can improve this application. You can contact us via Twitter (@androidinspain), posting a comment here or sending us an email.

We hope you enjoy Weather Forecast and... thank you very much!


Version 1.1:
- New set of weather icons. (Thanks to Tango Desktop Project)
- Faster download of data.

Version 1.2:
- Added widget support. Put them on your desktop and get the latest weather information anywhere you want! You can set units or refresh interval (could be manual too). In addition, widget provides a shortcut to the application..

Version 1.3:
- Added transparent widget. You can also personalize its color text. 

Version 1.4:
- Added 4x1 widget. It shows date and actual weather conditions.
- New Gingerbread design of application.

Version 1.5:
- Added transparent 4x1 widget. You can personalize its color text.
- Small changes on icons.
- Hour bug fixed on 4x1 widget.

Version 1.6:
- New 4x1 Widget with some shortcuts (plus date, hour and current situation): you can lock your phone (thanks to our applicación LockScreen, you need to install it if you want the button to work), switch on/off Wi-Fi connection, bluetooth settings and mobile network settings (ideal for switching from 2G to 3G or enabling/disabling data).
- Ads added.

Version 1.7:
- Choose your favorite tab, that is, the first tab it will load when openning our application. Ideal for people who travel a lot.
- Multitasking allowed. You can open all tabs while they are loading.

Version 1.8:
- Optimizations.

Version 1.9:
- This update fixed dissapearing icons bug.

Version 2.0:
- We offer geolocation in beta version. We need your feedback about this new feature in order to improve it!
- Improved perfomance, battery consumption and better look and feel.
- Important bug fixes.

Versión 2.1:
- Bug fixes.

Versión 2.2:
- Ice Cream Sandwich redesign of our app!

Versión 2.3:
- New widget's design and interface improvements.

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